Mother's Day bunded Essential kits
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Women’s wellness needs are different from those of men. Our products offer specific support for bone health, hormone health and skin care.


Say hello to some of our women’s health care super-stars!

Stress Relief & Healthy Sleep Kit

Support for a healthy stress response

Published data showing the calming health benefits of lemon balm extract and L-theanine, Life Extension has combined these nutrients into a formula called Enhanced Stress Relief. Melatonin Lozenges, promotes  healthy and restful sleep.


$46.60     $37.28

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Skincare Anti-Aging Essentials Kit

Look good and feel great

Life Extension’s skin care creams are formulated to promote collagen production, moisturize skin cells and encourage healthy, youthful-looking skin. Packed with nutrients that help moisturize, restore and protect your skin.


$142.35    $113.88

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Breast Health Essentials & Wellness Kit

Powerful nutrients to maintain optimal breast health

Women are taking proactive steps, now more than ever, to support breast health. Breast Health Formula encourages proactive support of youthful hormonal balance. plus our award winning Two-Per-Day multivitamin,capsules.


$62.47    $49.98

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Which is Right for Me?

Just as no two women are alike, neither are their health needs, and the answer will vary according to age, lifestyle and diet, among other factors. For optimal health, a good rule of thumb is to combine a quality multivitamin with other women’s health formulas specific to your unique dietary needs, health concerns and wellness goals

Women’s Health Essential Nutrients

Don’t need the whole kit? Each of these premium formulas is available as a separate purchase at a great price.