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March 2020

Restore Healthy Stem Cell Function

Using deep-learning artificial intelligence, scientists have identified three plant-based nutrients that can help reverse age-related damage to our existing pool of stem cells.


New Hope for Relief from Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetic neuropathy is an emerging epidemic of pain, loss of function, and even limb amputation. Seven nutrients demonstrate risk reduction and partial symptomatic respite.

Age Reversal Update

An unprecedented human study aims to induce statistically significant and meaningful biological age reversal using multi-model interventions that include metformin, dasatinib, rapamycin, and NAD+ restoration therapy.

Will Suzanne Somers’ Celebrity Status Wake the World Up to Human Age Reversal?

Mass media’s focus on Suzanne Somers’ new book, A New Way to Age, may ignite widespread recognition that rejuvenation of older adults will soon become part of routine medical practice.

Older People Grow 2.5 Years Younger

A study conducted in collaboration with researchers from Stanford University and UCLA showed that a combination of nutrients, hormones, and a drug resulted in significant human age reversal. Patients measured 2.5 years younger than they would have without treatment.

Topical Probiotic-Fermented Complex Protects the Skin

Age-related imbalances in skin microbiota can prematurely age skin. Topical fermentation products of Lactobacillus and Aspergillus work together to help restore youthful skin tone.


How to Renew Your Own Stem Cells

Until stem cell therapies are perfected, a safe regenerative strategy is to restore functionality to aging stem cells. The good news is that certain low-cost nutrients already taken by Life Extension® readers may facilitate this. The goal is whole-body rejuvenation.

In The News

Saturated fat linked to fatal prostate cancer; supplements support mental health; B12 deficiency implicated in migraines; and more.

Breakfast The Cookbook

Breakfast: The Cookbook

In Breakfast: The Cookbook, breakfast expert Emily Elyse Miller offers 380 recipes representing the best breakfast specialties from 80 different countries. We provide four of them.

How the Food Revolution has Transformed Our Lives

The Way We Eat Now

How the Food Revolution has Transformed Our Lives, Our Bodies, and Our World

In her book, The Way We Eat Now, food historian Bee Wilson explains how big changes in the way we eat are taking a toll on lives around the globe and how we can have a healthier future.

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