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February 2020

NAD+ Promotes Stem Cell Renewal and Regenerates Mitochondria

NAD+ is shown to renew existing stem cells, repair broken DNA and extend lifespan.


Major Advance New Highly Bio-available Curcumin

A patented form of curcumin absorbs better, lasts longer in the body, and costs less. New benefits extend beyond reduced inflammation and indicate potential lifespan increases.

Berry Extract Eases Dry Eyes

Dry eye prevalence is increasing from computer screen exposure and normal aging. New studies reveal maqui berry extract can improve dry-eye-symptom scores up to 72%.

Wide Ranging Benefits of SAMe

SAMe has demonstrated a new anti-aging mechanism via its ability to improve DNA methylation. This adds to previously demonstrated effects of improved mood, reduced joint discomfort, and cartilage regeneration.

A New Cardiovascular Threat Ionizing Radiation

A New Cardiovascular Threat Ionizing Radiation

CT scans emit ionizing radiation that forms senescent cells in the linings of arteries, increasing cardiovascular risks.

Whole-Body Health with Vitamin D

Scientists have discovered vitamin D receptors in nearly every cell in the body that help protect the brain and heart, while increasing lifespan.


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Slash Decades from Your Age-Related Disease Burden

Striking differences of age-related disease prevalence reveal a huge degree of control Americans exert over how long we live and how old we feel.

In The News

Wider use of fish oil drug endorsed by FDA review panel; frailty in older adults linked with decreased nutrient levels; pycnogenol inhibits side effect of anti-depression drug; selenium lowers ICU mortality.

The Greek Vegetarian Cookbook

The Greek Vegetarian Cookbook blends modern and traditional Greek cuisine, stressing simplicity and authenticity. We present four recipes.

Paul Henry Wand, MD 3 Proven Methods to Heal Your Brain

The Concussion Cure:

3 Proven Methods to Heal Your Brain

In his book, Paul Henry Wand, MD, describes a protocol for treating concussions.

Imre Nagy:

Lessons in Longevity from the Mountains of Hungary

Imre Nagy, a 94-year-old practising naturopath in Hungary, outlines his secrets for longevity.

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