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August 2020

Are We Reaching Consensus About Fish Oil?

The medical profession and FDA are recognizing the role of fish oil in reducing cardiovascular risks. Consumers have the option of fish oil prescription drugs or low-cost supplements. An omega-3 index blood test can enable people to optimize individual dosing of fish oil.


Suppress Toxic Senescent Cell Secretions

Senescent cell accumulation is a contributor to systemic aging. Natural plant extracts can help reduce the senescent cell burden and lower the harmful compounds they emit.

Vitamin C Critical role in immune health

Vitamin C: Critical Role in Immune Health

Human studies show vitamin C reduces the incidence and severity of various forms of infectious disease.

Whey protein helps protect against muscle wasting

Whey’s Longevity Benefits

Whey protein helps protect against muscle-wasting and weight gain, while lowering certain cardiovascular risk factors. It also improves the body’s production of glutathione.

Cancer Risk Reduced with Cruciferous Vegetables

Research shows that compounds in cruciferous vegetables confer protection against many forms of cancer.

Retinol Blend Reverses Skin Aging

Retinol in a gradual-release system, combined with two other retinoids, has been shown to reduce crow’s feet by 44%, repair sun damage, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Colchicine Reduces Stroke in Heart Attack Patients

Colchicine Reduces Stroke in Heart Attack Patients

A clinical trial published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that patients taking the anti-inflammatory medication colchicine cut stroke incidence by an astonishing 74%.


Vitamin C Could Lower Ventilation Duration

In the News: Vitamin C Could Lower Ventilation Duration

Nutrients that boost immune defense against RNA viruses; glucosamine lowers risk of type II diabetes; vitamin C cuts time on ventilator iron reduces lycopene absorption.

Managing Type 2 Diabetes With Calorie Restriction

In his latest book, Life without Diabetes, Dr. Roy Taylor describes his innovative research on preventing and reversing diabetes with calorie restriction. In this interview, he outlines his surprisingly simple and effective plan.

The Vegetarian Silver Spoon

The Vegetarian Silver Spoon offers hundreds of healthy, meat-free, Italian dishes. We provide four recipes to showcase the variety and simplicity of traditional Italian home-cooking.

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