October 2019

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Healthy Way to Benefit from Ketones

The low carb/high fat ketogenic diet has become a popular way to lose weight. But ingesting bad fats increases cardiovascular risks. Scientists have identified a healthy method to increase ketones without the difficulties of a ketogenic diet.


Rhodiola Combats Burnout

The World Health Organization has classified burnout as a disease. A clinical trial shows that the herb rhodiola significantly improves all main symptoms of burnout within the first week!

Clove Extract Safely Lowers Blood Sugar

A study published in 2019 demonstrated that polyphenolrich clove extract significantly lowers after-meal blood sugar by 21.5% in healthy people and by 27.2% in prediabetics.

Lower Homocysteine To Slow Brain Aging

High homocysteine blood levels contribute to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other forms of dementia. The solution is a simple blood test and adding more bio-active B-vitamins if homocysteine is elevated.

Alleviate Menopause Symptoms without Hormones

Siberian rhubarb extract has been clinically shown to relieve 11 menopause symptoms up to 83%. Hot flashes decreased from about 15 a day to an average of less than 1.4 a day.

Recent Sexual Medicine Conferences

Presentations at recent conferences by experts in sexual medicine included infertility, erectile dysfunction, older fathers, intercourse pain, bacterial vaginosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, premature ejaculation, and sexual assault.

As We See It

Is Memory Loss Optional?

In a landmark 2019 study, five plasma nutrients were associated with improved cognitive performance and brain connectivity.

As We See It

In The News

Hypertension tied to cognitive impairment; fish oil in pregnancy inhibits fatty liver in adult children; more consistent CT-radiation doses needed; omega-3 improves dry eye symptoms.

Author Interview

The Longevity Paradox

Steven Gundry, MD, author of The Longevity Paradox: How to Die Young at a Ripe Old Age, explains how he boosted patients’ lifespan and health span by combining conventional medicine with nutritional therapy.

Wellness Profile

Mohr Results: Nutrition and Fitness Expert Chris Mohr Helps People Get the Most Out of Life

Reader’s Digest Community Health Hero Honoree (Camp Sweeney)

Wellness Profile

Get the Most Out of Life

Celebrated nutrition and fitness expert Chris Mohr, PhD, RD, stresses exercise, a Mediterranean diet, and blood tests to know what’s going on inside your body, for overall fitness as you age.



Known for breath-freshening effects, mint also improves memory and alertness, and its abundant menthol helps nasal decongestion and promotes digestion.