June 2019

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Enhancing Benefits of Vitamin K

Vitamin K optimizes bone and blood vessel health, and higher intake has been associated with a lower death rate from any cause by 26%. Researchers have created a broad-spectrum formulation with two new vitamin K compounds to provide greater bioactivity.


Inflammation Fighting Plants

Natural compounds found in ginger and turmeric reduce inflammation that contributes to degenerative aging.

COQ10 Reverses Skin Aging

A human study shows that CoQ10 reduces wrinkles by nearly 25% and promotes smoother skin by up to 82%. Laboratory analysis reveals how CoQ10 restores mitochondrial function in aged skin.

Heart Failure and Ribose

Supplementing with D-ribose reduces symptoms of heart failure by improving cardiac function. A multi-pronged approach to managing heart failure is described.

How Whey Protein Fights Aging

Once thought of as just for athletes, research shows that whey protein impedes muscle loss, reduces frailty, limits weight gain and promotes lean muscle mass, all critical factors for aging adults.

Peptides Rebuild Youthful Skin

Five key growth factors repair and reverse chronological and environmental skin damage. Clinical evidence shows that they can decrease under-eye wrinkles by 46%, boost skin elasticity by 47%, and increase hydration by 64%.

As We See It

Why Blood Tests Are Not Saving More Lives

Low blood levels of a cholesterol surface particle called apolipoprotein B have been shown to decrease risk of coronary artery disease by 90%. Another study showed regression of arterial plaque when apolipoprotein B is reduced. Find out easy steps to reduce your apolipoprotein B levels. (The popular Male and Female Blood Test Panels include apolipoprotein B and other reversible vascular risk factors.)

As We See It

In The News

Heartburn drugs damage kidneys; reducing calories or eating once per day boosts lifespan; heritability affects longevity less than previously believed; higher EPA levels linked to healthier aging.

Ask The Doctor

Neurotransmitter Testing: A Window to the Brain

Dr. Shanti Albani explains how testing for neurotransmitters, neurotransmitter precursors and metabolites provides a window into the brain and allows individuals to take steps to rebalance their brain chemistry.


Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are packed with cancer-fighting compounds called glucosinolates.

Healthy Eating

The Indian Vegetarian Cookbook

In The Indian Vegetarian Cookbook, author Pushpesh Pant includes 150 simple recipes that are part of daily Indian fare.