September 2018

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Extinguish Fires of Chronic Inflammation

Normal ageing ignites low-grade inflammation that contributes to chronic diseases. Readers of Life Extension Magazine® reduce inflammation by avoiding toxic foods and supplementing with curcumin, fish oil, vitamin D, and other nutrients. A flurry of studies supports a role for gamma-linolenic acid to further suppress chronic inflammatory reactions..


Boost CoQ10’s Protective Effects

Research shows that people with higher blood levels of CoQ10 and pyridoxal 5’-phosphate have reduced coronary risks. Most readers of this magazine obtain this bio-active vitamin B6 (pyridoxal 5’-phosphate) in their nutrient formulas.

Folate Improves Brain Function

By lowering inflammation, reducing homo-cysteine, and improving gene expression, folate improves cognitive scores and re balances markers of brain ageing. These benefits include potentially inhibiting the formation of beta-amyloid plaque involved in Alzheimer’s dementia.

Calorie Restriction Update

Case histories of people following dietary reduction programs reveal remarkable systemic benefits, including optimizing blood glucose and blood pressure. A new program enables one to improve overall biochemistry by altering their dietary patterns.

Metformin Improves Gut Health

New research from Johns Hopkins shows that in addition to boosting cellular AMPK, metformin also increases a unique gut bacterium that rebalances the gut microbiome.

As We See It

Sepsis: Is There Now a Cure?

About 250,000 Americans die from sepsis each year. A recent study shows that intravenous treatment with vitamin C, hydrocortisone, and vitamin B1 reduces sepsis mortality by a striking 87%.

As We See It

In The News

Probiotics improve blood pressure and lipids; omega-3 may lower heart rate; global calcium deficiency; vitamin D improves mood.

Wellness Profile

Stephanie Carter’s World of Health

Stephanie Carter has a passion for vitality and mind-body fitness, in addition to her tireless work helping people take steps to protect against UV radiation.

Ask The Doctor

Dr. Sandra Kaufmann The Science of Slowing Ageing

In her new book The Kaufmann Protocol: Why We Age and How to Stop It, Sandra Kaufmann, MD, describes what substances retard ageing on a cellular level.

Healthy Eating

Vegetables from an Italian Garden

The editors of the book Vegetables From an Italian Garden have curated seasonal recipes gathered from cookbooks going back to the 1950s.


Chia Seeds

Chia seeds’ high fibre content and free phenolic compounds provide cardiovascular benefits for those with diabetes and deliver an energy boost.