November 2018

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Prevent Muscle Loss and Frailty

Age-related muscle loss (called sarcopenia) increases the risk for falls and fractures. Two nutrients have been shown to rebuild lost muscle in older individuals. HMB increases and preserves muscle mass. Vitamin D supports muscle strength and helps to prevent frailty issues that can lead to falls.


How Berries Reduce Obesity Damage

Mixed berry extracts contain bioactive compounds that help combat the harmful effects caused by excess weight. Berry extracts can reduce the size of fat cells, promote fat burning, and improve insulin sensitivity.

Inhibit Arterial Plaque

Two plant extracts can reduce arterial plaque progression by 95% while promoting plaque stability to lessen the risk of acute arterial occlusion.

Green Tea and Broccoli Combat Breast Cancer

Compounds in green tea and broccoli can reprogram genes in treatment-resistant malignant cells to make them more susceptible to eradication by conventional therapies. The combination of green tea and broccoli can reduce tumour size in difficult-to-treat cancers.

Restore Youthful Immune Function

Immune senescence underlies many diseases of aging. Cistanche, Reishi mushrooms, and Pu-erh tea have been shown to reverse harmful changes that occur in the immune system with age.

Repair Sun Damaged Lips

A unique lip balm containing plants extracts with vitamins and minerals can prevent and repair damage from ultraviolet radiation and aging. The result is enhanced skin moisture and long-lasting relief that restores youthful softness and suppleness.

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Viral Induced Cancers

Largely affecting men, the incidence of neck and head cancers caused by HPV is surging. Eleven million American males are infected with this virus. The healthy diet and supplement programs Life Extension® readers follow offer a degree of protection, and the right regimen may even promote a protective antibody response.

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In The News

New evidence for Mediterranean diet; selenium reduces mortality; coffee inhibits arrhythmia; and vitamins lower pancreatic cancer risk.

Healthy Eating

Juice + Nourish

In her book, Juice + Nourish: 100 Refreshing Juices and Smoothies to Promote Health, Energy, and Beauty, naturopath Rosemary Ferguson provides juicing recipes specifically tailored for everything from stress to lack of strength. We provide a few for you to try.



In addition to taste, the herb basil contains unique phytochemicals that can play a role in respiratory health, fight bacteria, and possibly reduce cancer risks.

Author Interview

Mission Betrayed: How The Va Really Fails America’s Vets By Michael J. Mann, MD

In his new book, Mission Betrayed: How the VA Really Fails America’s Vets, Michael J. Mann, MD, draws on his years with the widely criticized agency to deliver a compelling exposé of the dysfunctional Veterans Health Administration.