March 2018

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Protect Your Healthy DNA

DNA damage correlates closely with how long we will live. Clinical studies uncover new plant extracts that reduce cellular DNA damage and may lower cancer risk.


Damaging Impact of Excess Insulin

With age, cells become insulin resistant and lose their ability to efficiently process glucose. Two plant extracts have been shown to slash after-meal insulin by 56% and after-meal glucose by 15% in human trials.

Reduce Risk of Arterial Stiffness

Arterial stiffness occurs when arteries lose youthful suppleness. This loss of arterial elasticity is a powerful predictor of mortality. Human studies show that vitamins D and K inhibit arterial calcification and stiffening.

Blood-Pressure Control Around the Clock

In about 35% of adults with hypertension, blood pressure does not fall at night as it should. Researchers have identified ways to lower blood pressure day and night for around-the-clock protection.

A Medical Hero

Dr. Bennet Omalu singlehandedly exposed the neurological dangers of football head injuries. Despite efforts by the National Football League to discredit him, Dr. Omalu ignited a revolution in player safety. He now works to protect millions of nonprofessional athletes from sports-related head injuries.

RAADfest 2018: Financial Report & New Format

At this year’s RAADfest, findings will be announced showing reversal of aging factors in humans. The audience will be able to directly interact with speakers and like-minded individuals. The ultimate objective is to outline a systematic protocol for achieving meaningful reversals of pathological aging processes. Also provided is a financial report to demonstrate the nonprofit nature of this annual conference.

As We See It

New Hypertension Guidelines

The American Heart Association’s revised blood-pressure guidelines now agree with what Life Extension® has recommended for 30 years. The cost in shortened lives caused by the establishment’s delay in recognising optimal blood pressure is enormous. Published findings confirm that keeping one’s blood pressure on the low end of the reference range confers significant protection against degenerative conditions.

As We See It

In The News

Testosterone replacement enhances sexual function; grilled meat linked to higher mortality risk for breast cancer survivors; whey promotes muscle maintenance; and green tea protects cognitive function.



The novel properties of cilantro make it a tasty, citrus-like herb as well as a source of anxiety relief, heavy-metal elimination, blood-sugar reduction, and defense against infection.

Author Interview

Bartley J. Madden

In his book, Free to Choose Medicine, Bartley J. Madden advocates a free-market solution to replace the FDA’s regulatory monopoly. In an exclusive interview, he explains how the system can be improved and why a grassroots movement is necessary.

Healthy Eating

Vegan The Cookbook

The renowned chef of La Mano Verde in Berlin reveals his restaurant’s secret recipes in Vegan: The Cookbook. We provide four delicious and nutritious recipes from his collection.