February 2018

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Beyond Heart Health: More Reasons To Take Fish Oil

Fish oil is associated with 14% reduced human mortality along with protection against neuro degeneration, metabolic disorders, and persistent inflammation.


Reverse Major Factor in Degenerative Ageing

AMPK facilitates life-extending functions by removing cell pollutants and reducing abdominal fat. Two plant extracts can help restore more youthful AMPK activity.

Probiotics Fight Dangerous Winter Flu

The flu vaccine is effective in just 17%-53% of older adults due to declining immunity. An innovative probiotic cocktail boosts the body’s immune defenses against winter cold and flu while reducing the severity of an attack.

Anti-Aging Effects Of NAD+

NAD+ promotes longevity through multiple mechanisms including DNA repair. Restoration of NAD+ has been shown to increase lifespan in mice by the human equivalent of 4 years.

Green Tea and Colorectal Cancer

Recent studies show that green tea blocks formation of colorectal-cancer stem cells. Green tea extract was found to reduce colorectal cancer risk in humans.

As We See It

An Illogical Position of The American Heart Association

In 2017, the American Heart Association published findings showing that fish oil supplements are beneficial for heart failure patients and reduce hospitalisations. The American Heart Association went on to state there is “lack of scientific research” to support use of fish oil in the general population. We rebut this irrational position that one should wait until after they develop heart disease before embarking on a program to optimise omega-3 status.

As We See It

In The News

Blueberries improve brain function; vitamin D supports pain management; Supplements lower risk of metabolic syndrome; resveratrol linked to lower glucose levels; and more.



Lentils are remarkably nutritious legumes. They help control weight, stabilize blood sugar, promote healthy gut bacteria, and lower LDL cholesterol.

Wellness Profile

Lisa Bartoli, DO

Dr. Lisa Bartoli worked with Olympic athletes to avoid pain and injury and now helps private patients maintain youthful function through integrative and osteopathic medicine.

Author Interview

Jim Mellon and Al Chalabi

The authors of Juvenescence: Investing in the Age of Longevity, explain the recent progress of scientists and companies in understanding the key molecular causes of ageing.

Ask The Doctor

Michael Ozner, MD: Reducing The Risk Of Heart Disease

The prominent cardiologist and author explains the risk factors for heart disease and lays out a clear road map for avoiding it.