December 2018

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Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

A few pounds added over the holiday can turn into hard-to-lose body fat stores. A clinically tested intermittent program has been shown to prevent holiday weight gain while reducing vascular risk markers.


Dietary Approaches Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk

The prostate glands of aging men often harbour malignant cells, but the right diet can prevent them from progressing to clinically-relevant prostate cancer.

Olive Oil Protects Against Osteoporosis

A human study shows that people consuming high levels of extra virgin olive oil have a 51% lower risk of bone fractures.

Link Between Gum Disease and Aging

Two oral probiotics boost gum health by re-balancing the oral microbiome to reduce plaque and bleeding gums.

50 Years of Consistent Scientific Findings

Pine bark extract provides a concentrated mixture of procyanidins that have been shown to reduce risk of a host of vascular and inflammatory related conditions. New applications are being reported in the medical literature each year.

As We See It

Another Year of Vindication

A landmark 2018 Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial showed that the drug finasteride slashed prostate cancer risk by around 25%. There was no increase in deaths from aggressive prostate cancer, as had been argued by the medical establishment. Life Extension® has long advocated that aging men consider this class of drug to relieve benign prostate hypertrophy and reduce prostate cancer risk.

As We See It

In The News

Adequate omega-3 dose needed for benefits; testosterone deficiency widespread; vitamin D offsets many malnutrition effects; green tea helps dissolve arterial plaque.


Sweet Potato

The sweet potato, popular during the holidays, may help improve blood sugar levels and reduce oxidation.

Ask The Doctor

Dr. Michael Ozner – Cholesterol Crystals: The Neglected Heart Attack Risk Factor

Cardiologist Michael Ozner, MD, explains how dangerous cholesterol crystals are formed deep inside arterial plaque and how research into omega-3 fatty acids and new medications may cut the risk of these crystals triggering a major cardiac event.

Wellness Profile

Dr. Man and the Art of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Man describes the many new weapons in his arsenal against the ravages of elements and time. Dr. Man believes plastic surgery today, along with a proper lifestyle, can act as an anti-aging treatment that runs more than skin deep.

Author Interview

How We Eat With Our Eyes and Think With Our Stomach by Melanie Mühl & Diana von Kopp

In their new book, How We Eat With Our Eyes and Think With Our Stomach, Melanie Mühl and Diana Von Kopp explain how commercial forces manipulate us into buying and consuming foods we don’t really want and should avoid.