January 2018

Role of Bifidobacteria in
Long-Term Health

February 2018

Beyond Heart Health: More
Reasons To Take Fish Oil

March 2018

Protect Your Healthy DNA

April 2018

Combat Ageing via
Artificial Intelligence

May 2018

Striking 50% Reduction In
Cardiovascular Mortality

June 2018

Reverse Clinical Measures
of Brain Ageing

July 2018 Life Extension

July 2018

Kill Harmful Bacteria to
Improve Intestinal Health

august 2018 edition

August 2018

Spearmint Tea Boosts
Mental Focus

September 2018 magazine cover

September 2018

Extinguish Fires of Chronic

life extension magazine October 2018 edition

October 2018

Menopause Relief Without

life extension magazine November edition

November 2018

Prevent Muscle Loss and

life extension magazine December edition

December 2018

Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

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