How You Can Benefit From Taking Life Extension Supplements

For a foundational supplement regimen, Life Extension suggests starting with a multivitamin, CoQ10, and fish oil supplement. A multivitamin is the cornerstone of every nutritional program, and it should provide all of the essential vitamins and minerals for one’s daily needs, with the exception of calcium. The most comprehensive formula that we have to offer is our Life Extension Mix. For calcium, we suggest considering one of our Bone Restore formulas. For convenience and cost savings, we offer our Core Health Essentials Kit, which provides a 30-day supply of the following four products: Two-Per-Day, Super Omega-3, CoQ10, and Super Bio-Curcumin.

Life Extension Mix is available in powder, tablet, or capsule form. Take three scoops of Life Extension Mix Powder per day, one with each meal. The tablet version has a serving size of eight per day, and it is suggested to take three with breakfast, two with lunch, and three with dinner. If you prefer capsules, the serving size is twelve per day, and it is suggested to take four with breakfast, four with lunch and four with dinner..

Life Extension Mix tablets are larger than the capsules and more tightly packed. A day’s supply of Life Extension Mix can be compressed into eight tablets. For those who do not want to take as many pills, we offer multivitamins that are more accommodating called our One-Per-Day or Two-Per-Day formulas.

Life Extension Mix contains 190 mg of niacin per daily dose, which means you will be getting a little over 63 mg with each meal. Life Extension Mix with Extra Niacin, however, contains 862 mg of niacin per daily dose, which is 287 mg per meal. Extra niacin is used by individuals looking to support healthy cholesterol levels. It is important to note that this high level of niacin can create what is called a “niacin flush”, which is characterized by a harmless sensation of warmth, heat, and tingling accompanied by a temporary reddening of the skin that can last an hour or more. People who choose the regular Life Extension Mix formula do not usually experience the “niacin flush”.

Individuals with liver disease should use caution with high levels of niacin, such as those found in our Life Extension Mix with Extra Niacin. Consult your physician if you have an elevation of liver enzymes or enlargement of the liver.

Does Life Extension have anyone who can assist me with a nutrition program?
In need of information about our products and ingredients … or are you interested in finding out how to create a regimen of nutritional supplements, diet, and exercise that is customized for your needs? Life Extension’s call center is available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are dedicated to making sure you stay healthy, live better, and answer any health related questions you may have. Our team of Wellness Specialists are ready to assist. Just call us toll-free at 1-800-226-2370 — we are here to help you with your health goals!

In need of information about our products and ingredients … or are you interested in finding out how to create a regimen of nutritional supplements, diet, and exercise that is customised for your needs? Life Extension’s call centre is available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are dedicated to making sure you stay healthy, live better, and answer any health related questions you may have. Our team of Wellness Specialists are ready to assist. Just call on (0011) 1-800-226-2370 — we are here to help you with your health goals!

What Makes Our Supplements Unique

Life Extension uses only premium quality vitamins and other ingredients. Our dedication to excellence insists that our nutritional supplements meet the highest standards and criteria.

That is why Life Extension insists on purchasing only the highest quality raw materials from all over the world, primarily from leading US, Japanese and European sources. Life Extension goes one step further by using advanced analytical methods, such as high-performance liquid chromatography and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry, to ensure our products meet label claims for potency and purity. Life Extension tests its raw materials using US Pharmacopeia and other exacting pharmaceutical assay standards.

Finally, a Certificate of Analysis guaranteeing every one of our products’ quality, potency, and purity is kept on file and available. For more information please call our Wellness Team toll-free at 1-800-226-2370.

Life Extension customers receive discounts that enable them to purchase premium vitamins, anti-aging supplements, weight loss supplements, and more at prices that are often 50% less than health food store prices. Volume discounts enable customers to purchase many supplements at prices below what health food stores pay for similar products that may not contain top quality nutrients. If you purchase Life Extension products, you will receive more nutritional potency for your dollar than from any other source.

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The unique ingredients included in Life Extension’s products are often years ahead of the products sold by commercial vitamin companies. Life Extension scientists analyze thousands of scientific studies every week to make sure their health-promoting formulas include the most advanced life extending ingredients in the world. They also interact with the world’s foremost gerontology researchers in order to obtain inside information about antiaging breakthroughs before these findings are published. Life Extension funds the most advanced anti-ischemia laboratory in the world, where antioxidant vitamins, hormones, and pharmaceutical agents are used to prevent free radical induced cellular damage.

The most popular multivitamin supplement is Life Extension Mix.

Life Extension Mix™ contains unique vegetable, fruit, and herbal extracts along with high quantities of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and special antioxidants. Life Extension Mix formula is fortified with botanical extracts that help to maintain healthy cells via physiological processes separate from traditional antioxidants. Consumption of these types of plants is being recommended based on research emanating from the most prestigious medical centers in the world.

This super potent antioxidant formula is light years ahead of any multivitamin supplement on the market. Since 1983, Life Extension Mix has been reformulated countless times to take advantage of scientific breakthroughs uncovered by Life Extension scientists. In 1985, the carotenoids lycopene and xanthophyll were added to Life Extension Mix. In1995, Life Extension Mix was reformulated to include even more potent extracts of lycopene and xanthophyll, along with a 22 to 1 broccoli concentrate and numerous other enhancements. In 2004, Life Extension Mix had the most extensive revision to date. The updated formula contains sesame lignans which have a broad range of applications in human health. This includes increasing human tissue levels of vitamin E by facilitating carrier proteins in the liver to deliver nutrients to cells throughout the body.

Chromium, magnesium and biotin are nutrients required to maintain optimal blood sugar levels. The updated Life Extension Mix provides 500 mcg of chromium (compared to 200 mcg in the previous version), a more absorbable form of magnesium, and the same high potency of biotin. A review of studies showing benefits for chromium supplementation revealed that doses exceeding 200 mcg a day are required for optimal effects. Life Extension Mix costs members less than other multinutrient formulas, which do not contain such nutrients as lycopene, xanthophyl (lutein extract), and broccoli.

Life Extension carries a combination of natural and synthetic vitamins and supplements. Some advertising statements would have us believe that “natural” is better, but natural supplements in some instances contain impurities such as pollen and naturally occurring hormones that can cause problems for some people. Synthetic nutrients are manufactured to be chemically identical (with the exception of vitamin E) to those extracted from natural sources, and are the most pure nutrient vitamins.

By purchasing from Life Extension, you will receive 25% off all of your product purchases. Many of our vitamins and supplements have further discounts if you buy four and some carry even greater discounts when you purchase ten bottles. Watch for our Super Sale every November for the best prices of the year. You receive the same discounts when ordering on the phone, at our retail store, or by purchasing vitamins online at our website.

Look under the vitamins and supplements section, then click on Brain Health. The nutrients listed there may help to support healthy brain function. We recommend using a combination of nutrients for the best results.

Visit the Hair Loss Health Concern section for more information.

Life Extension’s Quality, Purity & Efficacy

We focus on three specific areas.
  • Raw Materials: Unlike other supplement companies, the ingredients that go into our supplements are not chosen based on cost. Instead they are chosen based on purity (to ensure contaminants such as microbes and heavy metals comply with regulatory and GMPs requirements), potency, and usage in successful scientific research.
  • Validation of the Efficacy of Ingredients by Scientific Research: We use ingredients and dosages that accurately replicate the most successful results obtained in scientific studies for maximum efficacy.

Exposure to hotter temperatures during shipping is highly unlikely to impact the quality of your supplements. While we understand your concerns, it is a misconception that the quality and safety of the products would be negatively affected.

Due to numerous concerns regarding the effects of temperature on the quality (potency, stability, and safety) of Life Extension products, we decided to investigate further. We have not only reviewed external studies, but also in the summer of 2014, Life Extension’s Quality Assurance & Quality Control (QA/QC) team did an internal study titled, “Effects of Extended Heat Exposure on LE Softgel Products.” Based on the results of this study, short-term exposure to summer temperatures during shipping is highly unlikely to affect the potency, effectiveness, or safety of Life Extension’s products.

Since oil-based products are the most susceptible to heat, our Super Omega-3 EPA/DHA, and Vitamin D3 softgels were chosen for the study. The protocol was executed from 7/24/14 to 9/18/2014 for an eight-week period, where the products were placed outside for the duration of the study. The average exposure temperature was 30.1 degrees celsius, with a peak of 39.6 degrees celsius.

Both products were tested at two-week intervals for potency, and the Super Omega-3 product was also tested for peroxide values (a marker of oxidation and rancidity). It was found that at every 2-week testing point, including the final 8-week test, both products exceeded the label claim for potency. Additionally, the peroxide value for the super-omega-3 showed only a barely detectable change, with a value far below the specified threshold. Also, only at the 8-week mark did they experience minor changes in physical appearance and clumping. Overall this study showed the exceptional stability of Life Extension products.

Additionally, in the summer of 2016, Life Extension’s Quality Assurance & Quality Control (QA/QC) team did an internal study, “Effects of Extended Heat Exposure on LE Probiotics.” While research indicates that the quality of probiotics will not lessen during transportation at various temperatures, we took it a step forward by investigating our multi-strain probiotic product, FLORASSIST® Balance, which also contains lactic acid bacteria like that in our other probiotic formulations. The protocol was executed for 4-weeks during the peak summertime season of July-August. The average exposure temperature was 31.6 degrees celsius, with a peak of 39.1 degrees celsius. The product was tested for CFUs (Colony Forming Units) by an independent contract lab at weekly intervals.

At every weekly testing point, including the final 4-week test, the product exceeded the label claim for CFU. The specification for this item is 15 billion CFU, and at every point tested, it exceeded specifications. Based on the results, this probiotic remains stable when exposed to high heat for short periods of time. As such, exposure to heat during shipping transportation of this product will not affect its stability. Therefore, loss of potency or effectiveness due to short-term exposure to high temperatures is unlikely to be of concern for all of our products.

The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 requires dietary supplements to comply with GMP which Life Extension rigorously adheres to. Life Extension is GMP registered with NSF International. This registration is based on rigorous bi-annual audits of our distribution operations and quality systems and indicates full compliance with applicable areas of 21 CFR Part 111, Current Good Manufacturing Practice in Manufacturing, Packaging, Labelling, or Holding Operations for Dietary Supplements. Life Extension is a leader in quality and purity testing and adherence to GMP regulations. We do not use meaningless or inappropriate marketing terms to describe our products.

Yes. All active ingredients from patented, scientifically validated raw materials as well as final, finished products are verified using advanced analytical methods such as HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography), MS (mass spectrometry), etc., to ensure each and every product accurately meets label claims in strict compliance with our demanding product specifications.

Where Life Extension is concerned, yes. Patented materials validated in scientific studies cost more — period. In contrast with many commercial brands focused on driving up margins by using the cheapest raw materials available, Life Extension collaborates with raw material suppliers who invest in scientific validation of their ingredients, which increases material costs. With Life Extension products, you get the quality you pay for.

They are inactive ingredients (excipients) that play a number of critical, essential roles in the manufacturing process including:

  • Achieving uniform density for accurate dosing
  • Dispersing the active ingredients evenly throughout a solid tablet, capsule, and softgel
  • Protecting active ingredients from rapid inactivation due to heat and moisture
  • Promoting tablet disintegration, as well as capsule and softgel dissolution
  • Sustaining the release of active ingredients into the body over time

Claiming any product is “pure and free of excipients” can be deceptive advertising, too frequently used to draw attention away from inferior active ingredients! The right inactive ingredients used in the right way do important things … like ensuring that a tablet disintegrates in your GI tract rather than just passing through your system without benefit, or keeping a product from breaking down and being susceptible to microbes. Take Life Extension blueberry extract, for example. It contains AuroraBlue® wild-harvested, Alaskan blueberries. To retain their nutritional complexity, these berries are freeze-dried and carefully milled for capsule formulation. But being a whole fruit raw material, it tends to want to reconstitute itself with moisture, which would make it a breeding ground for bacteria. So Life Extension uses a drying excipient to keep the milled blueberry material dry, so it can safely deliver its superior nutritional value compared with other, less costly blueberry extracts in most commercial formulations.

All of the excipients Life Extension uses have earned GRAS (“Generally Regarded As Safe”) status … and are used sparingly. In many cases not using them compromises final product quality! Excipients are used in nutritional supplements to ensure uniform density of complex active materials, to achieve even dispersion of active ingredients, and to promote appropriate disintegration and/or dissolution of active ingredients inside your body … to name but a few of the critical roles played by excipients.

Stearic acid functions as a flow agent in the manufacture of quality products, and stearic acid also occurs naturally in the foods you eat. For example:

  • Four ounces of dark chocolate contain 3,625 mg of stearic acid
  • One cup of kidney beans contains 1,655 mg of stearic acid
  • An ounce of raw ground beef (grass-fed) contains 2,063 mg of stearic acid
  • A half pound of lean raw turkey contains 1,642 mg of stearic acid
  • Even a tablespoon of allspice contains 1,513 mg of stearic acid

Our supplements, on the other hand, typically contain no more than 10 mg per capsule. We always use the lowest level of magnesium stearate possible.

While it is true that soy isoflavones are phytoestrogens, the amount of phytoestrogens in soybean oil or soy lecithin is so minute, the USDA lists it in foods as having zero value for isoflavones.

Yes, the vast majority of Life Extension products are non-GMO. We follow a rigorous documentation analysis of all active ingredients as well as all inactive ingredients and excipients to ensure this designation is accurate.
If you are unsure whether a product is non-GMO, look for the “Non-GMO” icon, which you’ll find on our product labels, our website and our annual product directory. Feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions about the GMO status of a specific product.

Gelatin does not contain MSG … but does contain about 0.03 grams of glutamic acid in one softgel. To put this small amount in perspective, a person ingests about 120 times more glutamic acid in a serving of asparagus, cabbage or tomatoes!

Sophisticated products require sophisticated delivery systems. The best companies choose the most effective finished form based on the characteristics of the raw materials, and the desired disintegration or dissolution characteristics of the finished product and the active ingredients.

Products that are labeled “vegetarian” do not contain any ingredients that are products or by-products of harvested animals. However, our vegetarian products may include ingredients derived from live animals or their work byproduct, such as eggs, dairy, beeswax, etc.

The word “organic” conveys the perception of quality to consumers. But it actually relates to foods that are grown rather than products that are formulated. Many of our scientifically validated raw materials are not produced organically. Rather, our mandate includes rigorous testing and scrupulous processing. The objective is purity … both in terms of our raw materials and our finished products.

Other product questions or concerns?

Call a Life Extension Wellness Specialist at (0011) 1-800-226-2370 for the answers you need.
AuroraBlue® is a registered trademark of Denali BioTechnologies, LLC.

Life Extension New Branding, Packaging and Website

Our rebrand is the result of ongoing efforts to represent our evolution as a company.

Definitely not. We would never sell you outdated products. However, during our transition period, products may arrive in either brand packaging. Regardless of packaging, you will always receive premium products backed by our 100%, 3-month, no-hassle satisfaction guarantee.

We perpetually innovate our products, so they are ever evolving. However, new package design is not what signals a new product formulation. When we reformulate products, we announce it and explain what the differences are and what you can expect. Most products have just experienced a package update, nothing else.

No. We pride ourselves on being financially responsible. Our new looks will not impact pricing.

No. There will not be any product integrity issues associated with our new translucent bottles. In fact, bottles like these are fairly common in the industry. Plus, they are recyclable. Please recycle.

Many of you felt our website was cumbersome and difficult to navigate, so we completely overhauled it. We developed valuable content and made the experience easy and intuitive. Life Extension Australia will always be upgrading & updating sections of the website. 

We didn’t remove information. We added great new content and made other information easier to understand.

The URL for our website will remain:

No. The look has changed, but your login will remain. Simply log in using your existing credentials. You will find all your account details there, as they were before.

Yes, we like to do our part for the environment. All our bottles, new and old, are recyclable. Recycle anywhere they accept #1 PET or PETE items. Most curbside recycling programs can accommodate this very common packaging. These types of recyclables are safe to be reused and are often turned into polar fleece, fiber tote bags, furniture, carpet and more. Help us help the planet. Please recycle.

It is difficult to provide a specific date, as some products will take longer than others to convert, and conversion is based on need. That said, we have every reason to anticipate that 90% of our products will have new labeling by February 2020.