Since 1998

Life Extension Australia; Trading as Life Extension Pacific Limited, was established in Fiji in 1998 as the distributor of Life Extension Foundation products into Asia and the Pacific Rim areas. The Fiji office was established as it is central to the region offering reliable postal and communication services. Fiji carries substantial product stock that is topped up by weekly shipments from the US. All prices, promotions and specials offered by Life Extension Foundation are also offered by Fiji, however some products limited only for US domestic consumption will not be available to international customers.

Here, at Life Extension Australia, we are fully committed to providing you with the best customer service for the highest quality products we supply. Should you have any queries about our website or any general questions, please feel free to contact us.

About Life Extension

What Makes Our Products Superior?

Life Extension develops premium quality, pharmaceutical grade supplements based on the very latest nutritional research to ensure you are receiving the maximum benefit. We offer a complete range of vitamins, minerals and hormones, including many unique formulations you won’t find anywhere else.

The unique ingredients included in Life Extension’s products are often years ahead of the products sold by commercial vitamin companies. Life Extension scientists analyze thousands of scientific studies every week to make sure their health-promoting formulas include the most advanced life extending ingredients in the world.

Life Extension purchases only the highest quality raw materials from all over the world, mainly from leading US, Japanese and European sources. Life Extension tests its raw materials using US Pharmacopeia and other exacting pharmaceutical assay standards.

Life Extension’s Track Records

The Life Extension Foundation was the first organization to defy the FDA by promoting the use of antioxidant vitamins to maintain health. The foundation was the first organization to:

  • Promote the use of low dose aspirin to maintain cardiovascular health.
  • To recommend against the use of iron in dietary supplements because of evidence that iron causes massive free radical damage contributing to the development of cancer, atherosclerosi and a host of other diseases.

We inform the general public about the “miracle nutrient” coenzyme Q10, the anticancer carotenoids lycopene, lutein and xanthophyll and about the most effective anti-aging therapy in the world, Melatonin.

Commitment to Scientific Research

Commercial companies have made huge profits on products such as coenzyme Q10, melatonin and DHEA, each of which was introduced to the U.S. market by Life Extension at considerable risk. Life Extension performed the research on these products, determined their validity and viability, and subsequently brought them to market based upon the strength of evidence behind them.

In the past seven years, we have funded over $21 million in research through our affiliations with such esteemed institutions as U.C. Berkeley and Mt. Sinai Medical Center. In 2004, our scientists were awarded a $900,000 grant to continue our pioneering work, and we collaborated with BioMarker Pharmaceuticals and scientists at the National Cancer Institute to develop new anti-aging and anti-cancer therapies. This resulted in a recently accepted publication in the prestigious Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

In addition, Life Extension has funded life span studies at the Universities of Wisconsin, California at Riverside, and Arkansas, gene transfer studies at the Gerontology Research Center in Baltimore, neurotransmitter studies to find the key to brain aging at the University of California at Berkeley, and resveratrol studies BioMarker Pharmaceuticals in collaboration with Harvard Medical School and Critical Care Research.

Over 40 Years of History

Life Extension has a history of being several steps ahead of the competition, and in many cases, ahead of the mainstream medical establishment and the media in terms of uncovering and reflecting the newest science and research insights.